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These sounds permeate this sphere of experience. They circumvent time by which they are alive. The backdrop of this existence points to each and every thought, dissected and furrowed. Like a siren going off, piercing the air as it lands in the sound of a barking dog. All these sounds find there way in the soul, beating hearts arranged so that they navigate through a symphony of love. By and by they rise only to be let go as they dissolve in the background, the ground of all being.

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Act Accordingly 

I saw her through the corner of my eye dart across the yard leaving behind a flicker of light fast enough that not even a blink would catch her movement. Something was up. My view to where she was in relation to where I was, was only a window that catpured a portion of the vast space she had to lurk in. I remained calm and sat in my favorite seat. Before I knew it, in the space between I last saw her my mind was enveloped in a novel.

I always feel a twinge in the air when my rational mind notices a glitch in the present moment awareness, alerting me to a what-if scenario in my mind. I remind myself that it’s okay continuing my exploration to not engage in such matters. Besides, she always comes back after her time out frolicking. 

Joyfully I see her come around the back of the house as something nudged me to see what it was all about. Immediately when I stepped out she came running with this mouse looking body in her mouth. Of what seemed to be a mouse was a gopher! What made this interesting is that it was her first gopher. When normally she catches lizards, devours, eats them and leaves their tail behind twitching as evidence of her fine meal.  

She catpured it with great reflexes aluding to how quickly she seized the opportunity. It taught me about not getting so preoccupied about whether the time is right or not. Taking advantage of the moment that presents itself, naturally, expecting it as something that is ment to be yours. 

Of course I removed the gopher from her mouth. Unfortunately the gopher didn’t make it. So, I honor that sentient life that reminded me of such a valuable lesson -opportunities are natural occurances. By accepting and receiving them, I am participating in the natural order of things. In this Infinite unity of all life there is a storehouse of abundance. I acknowledge it and act accordingly. 

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New Year – New Beginning  

I lie in wait with the feeling of something grand and wonderful about to happen. This all comes with the feeling of deep insight, love, and the truth of my being. What’s most surprising about this is that I’m reluctant to reveal an inner angst I’m having about this, but why? I ask. All of which I know that the only logical outcome from this is depth as I unravel the mystery that calls from ‘deep unto deep’. This is a depth of Soul that is like a bottomless well. That’s the logical result of this great experience of this new beginning, this new year experience – a time of deep reflection and change. Change, no matter how it plays out is change for the good. 

This experience calls forth that which has never been known, the unadulterated aspects of the greater part of my existence. This great innocent revelation is the culmination of billions of years, waiting to be revealed, coming forth from the mystery, the mystery of life itself. So I relax and let this new beginning flow through, blanketing the open field of this world – birthing it into existence. This depth calls forth. “I’ve always been here. What’s new is now you see me. What is has always been.” 

The angst is desire for this new beginning as it is partnering with the ancient, the timeless, the unbounded freedom of Soul.  In that there is always a freshness, a newness everyday upon awakening to its “Hello, I’ve been here all along, I’m what’s new, the ever expanding goodness of Soul – let’s begin anew.” 


Personal Development


With this last prompt to what has been a magical experience in Quest 2016, we are asked by Srinivas Rio how being unmistakable in 2016 can affect the quality of my life and work.

What will you do in 2016 to assure you and your best work are unmistakable?

I love the idea of no mistakes. In fact it’s so profound to me; it brought me back to my study of Byron Katie when she thought for a moment that Namaste meant “No Mistake”. So she would walk around on vacation in Asia bowing and saying, “no-mistake, no-mistake” to the villagers.

When I think of being unmistakable, I think of invulnerability. This is living cracked wide open, raw, and naked to life. I think of taking risks, being open to wonder, and to dare to live out my dreams. What a profound way to live. It seems like a tall order, but I think I can do it!

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2 Stories 

What’s the story you most desire to bring to life in 2016?   What’s the story your just-right client most desires to bring to life in 2016? Here is our rounding out prompt of Week Four of Do Your Best Work, Not Someone Else’s by Jen Louden. She speaks to us on the path of Quest 2016 where many of us from countries around the world embark on a magical journey of questing and visioning for the upcoming year.

Every now and then I take a drive through the back-country roads of San Diego. There is an expansiveness I experience as the elevation increases along with viewing the mountain range in the backdrop. In this I am able to let go of my preconceived notions of what life is about and rest in the totality of its absence. We’ve been fortunate lately to have rainy days in Californina making everything so green and clear, as the sun blazes through the open blue sky. Perhaps what I need is my old story to be released and a new and promising story to surface. This new story is the story I claim for the new year.

The story I most desire to bring is a story of liberation. To feel existence penetrate within my being and to be fully alive and awake in my experience is the story most wanting to emerge. I would like it to be a true story. For this to be so this quote by Ray Bradbury resonates with a story that is alive and always changing. “First you jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.” I likened this story to an ever unfolding story of truth, perfectly and naturally, just the way it is intended to be. Faith also plays a role, “faith in the things unseen” as St. Paul puts it in the gospel. I also have the Serenity Prayer in mind. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

This story is a story of acceptance. In my story there are castles made of sand that are not susceptible to in-coming waters because they are built on Truth. A true story is what I desire most which speaks to liberation and acceptance allowing wisdom to occur so that I can course correct if needed. By that same token, to not get bogged down about things, but to keep a wonder about the unfolding nature of how the story plays out, and go with the ever changing tides of change.

The story of my just-right client is the desire of a unique story of happiness, allowing them access to it by the services I offer. The merging of these stories have found there similarities in the commonalities I shared with my fellow peers in Quest 2016, a unique experience where people from around the world share their vision of the year to come. Surprisingly, our stories have crossed paths many times. This is what I see in my just-right client’s experience as their particular unfolding story unfolds naturally as the way it is supposed to be.

My hope is that through our unique experiences, we can come to a place of absence of a preconceived notion of what reality is like, to a Reality where the Truth of our existence is revealed, allowing a oneness to be revealed like the oneness I experienced when out on a drive through the back-country of San Diego. This is the story of nature, and the story it tells as the living breathing story of Truth that speaks to us all, as all.





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Brave Race 

It takes bravery to know your strengths and operate diligently within them. Are you running your race, or someone else’s? This is the prompt given by Todd Henry who is author of “Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday” on Week Four of Quest 2016.

I was huffing and puffing as the end was near when I asked myself, why am I ready to give up now and not then when I had been running for miles? As if the allure of the finish line’s influence was so strong it made me stop, throw my hands in the air and surrender. Besides, I practically made it to the end didn’t I? But then something called me to just keep going, realizing I was fooling myself into thinking the race was over without crossing the finish line. However, I’ve come to find that that line is only temporary. There will always be another line to cross.

The only finish line there is was in my mind. Yes, of course the finish line helps finish the race with a sense of completion. But this evidence of how my mind plays tricks on me made me discover longevity and the ability to go the extra mile even when my mind tells me I can’t go any further. Falling victim to my own mind’s ability to tell me how it is not – is running someone else’s race, I believe.

This implies staying focused, erasing the thought of an end as ”the end,” and know that if I can focus on the present moment, the outcome will reveal itself, providing the information I need to continue to stay the course. Therefore, I am not approaching the finish line; the finish line is approaching me. Running my own race means, don’t get thwarted by the illusion of calling it a day and switching to autopilot, where I go through the motions not being fully engaged in the experience of running my own race.

“Take one step at a time,” I tell myself. The object of the race is not to win but to run and experience the joy that comes with it, the feeling of my feet hitting the ground, the rhythmic breathing, the sense of being alive is what allows me to push harder and look forward to passing the finish line with a big yes!


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Being a live musician in a band there’s always the tendency to turn up the amplifier and amplify the sound. This changes everything in the way how sound is heard and perceived. The increased sound makes it easier to hear the intrincasies of the notes as they dance in relation to each other. Even more so the sounds are amplified through the experience of having a crowd listening to the music being played. This change is the combination of the amplified sound, and the amplified internal experience shared between performing with the crowd engaged in the performance.

This holiday season feels that way. With the celebrations of light along with the cooler weather everything in preparation leading up to Quest 2016 seems amplified. How fitting it is that we are asked in this prompt by Charlie Gilkey, Which element of your best work do you most want to amplify this year? For me this quote from the Buddha speaks to this: “This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds. To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky, rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain.”

This is why I find the term “amplified” as a perfect way to approach the upcoming year. When I think of amplify, I think of raising up or to transform. For this upcoming year, may I amplify all my activities, whether it’s social media, music, writing or something as simple as relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and up-my-game by shifting my perception.

If I were to focus on one thing, it would be to increase the potency of my message to the world via all the available technologies. This is raising the stakes. Just like last year’s Quest 2015, I feel a calling to take it to the next level. To do this would be to be fully engaged in every activity in my field. Because of the business field I’m in there’s not much change involved in my processes. But what I can do is change the how, and that is to raise the bar by taking it to the next level.

This means to be vulnerable. There’s a certain invulnerability in that—by trying new things and exploring all possibilities without losing hope. There’s a new calling  to aspire to and amplify. By changing my perception I up-my-game and turn up the volume for the upcoming year.